Choosing the right e-procurement app for your business can be tough. Businesses rely on apps to automate most processes and also boost productivity. There are plenty of features you need to consider when choosing an e-procurement app.

Here, we review the must-have features you need to consider when shopping for an e-procurement platform for your business. Keep in mind that your budget will significantly influence the type of e-procurement app you can go for.

Deployment Process

One of the main features you should consider is how easy it is to set up the system. The idea is to get the system up and running as soon as possible. This way, you should go for an app that is easy to deploy for your clients or employees.

While you’re at it, also be sure to review the customer support services. Does the app vendor provide 24/7 customer service? You may encounter technical challenges at any time of the day and you don’t want your team to get stranded for long hours because the app is not working. 

User-Friendly Interface

Despite the many features the e-procurement platform will come with, you also need to review how user-friendly the user interface is. An app with an excellent user-friendly interface will make it easy for your team to learn and get up to speed with using the app’s features.

Training your employees or clients to use an e-procurement app can be costly if it takes longer. When it comes to user interfaces, you need to go for an app like Virto Commerce that looks good on both PC and mobile screens.

API Integrations

With time, you may need to add new features to the e-procurement system. However, this will largely depend on if the vendor allows third-party integrations. Besides APIs, you should also consider if the app can be integrated with other existing apps in your workplace.

Integrating the e-procurement platform with other existing systems will allow you to sync data and workflows. Besides that, you can also automate certain processes to improve productivity in your business.

Report Generation

The idea behind using e-procurement platforms is to reduce human errors and boost productivity. However, the app should also generate comprehensive reports. This way, your finance and analytics teams can analyze the data and quickly make informed business decisions. 

An effective e-procurement platform brings all things related to procurement under one roof. You can have everything from stock management to expenses tracking under one platform. Overall, you can reduce human errors and manual processes in the system.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right e-procurement platform can be challenging. You will find many apps in the market both freeware and premium software. The features mentioned in this guide will help you narrow down to the best app in the market.

We recommend consulting a tech expert to help you find the best app that fits your business needs. In addition, also consider going for an app that offers trial versions so that your team can sample it and give their expert opinion.



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