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I’m a technology analyst at F.A.E.R., a non-profit that advocates for the use of technology in the classroom. I also work with K-12 schools and community colleges and I am an adjunct faculty member at Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences.

I help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and small business owners of all kinds grow their companies by applying the lessons learned from the past 40 years. I am the founder of two businesses, Strategic Technology, and TechMaven. I teach entrepreneurial skills, personal branding, and product development to entrepreneurs.

Our society has adopted the concept of technology as a tool to augment human existence. We use it to fulfill the needs of our self-prescribed needs and keep ourselves entertained. Technology has allowed us to share ideas and communicate with one another from many locations in the world. With the advent of the internet, we have the ability to connect with so many people that we are able to communicate with each other on a much larger scale.

I’m a technology analyst. I work in the IT department for a technology company, and I love technology. It’s my passion and I love it when people can’t get enough, and I love having fun trying to figure out weird ways that technology makes our lives a little bit better. But it’s also my job to make sure that we keep up with what’s new and shiny.

I’m a technology analyst. I’m a data nerd – it seems obvious. I love analysis and data visualization. I love exploring the data that I’m analyzing. When I’m not at work, I love playing around with data and algorithms, tinkering with web-based tools and building my own models. I’m also a geek, a maker, and I love learning and sharing.

My name is Amy and I am a technology analyst. I am a web developer and a content strategist. I have a degree in computer science and I have worked in the field of technology for close to 13 years. I am a freelance writer and I do research and writing for a plethora of clients in a variety of fields.

I am a technology analyst with a passion for the intersection of technology, science, and society. I am originally from the Bay Area and currently live in downtown Los Angeles. I am a writer, speaker, and researcher and love to share my findings with the world.

I have been a technology analyst for the last seven years. I have been an analyst for a variety of assignments. One of those assignments was to be the author of a book on the evolution of computing and then it became the book, the book, the book, the book.

I have a Ph.D. in information systems and I work as a technology analyst for a number of large corporations. I’m a huge fan of using the web for education, and I frequently find myself working on web projects that I have no idea if I will get the chance to use. I’ve also found that it’s possible to learn more about a project through the use of technology.


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