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Have you ever thought that without opening your favorite application such as WhatsApp, Instagram & Snapchat, you would get to know about their messages? Do you want to know what’s the actual trick behind that? Well! This trick is nothing else but these are the most powerful & widely adoptable push notification messages that easily let you know your application’s information without even opening it. And the push notifications which are extensively being used in the business world are known as react-native push notifications. 

This content mainly emphasizes how you can integrate the react-native push notifications for the newly developed mobile applications while adopting the react-native push notifications service. Integration of React Native push notifications with mobile applications isn’t concerned with rocket science, rather it is simply based on developing your understanding as well as interest in crafting a wonderful application based on react native framework. Various reports have already published that mobile applications which are promoted with the help of push notifications generally get a responsive boost of approximately 88% more user engagement as compared to the others. 

Here before integrating the react-native push notifications with your mobile applications, some prerequisites are absolutely required to ensure that you have all of these elements, either of which you can download and others you can easily establish on your local development console. 

  • The first element is node js that you are required to install which should be of (>=10. x.x) with npm/yarn version.
  • Then there is the command line React Native Interface. 
  • Being a Linux or Windows owner, you are required to operate an Android emulator for an android based application or you can alternatively use a similarly configured device via USB. 
  • Further, there is a requirement of an active firebase project which is absolutely necessary to have with you. 

Integrating React Native Push Notifications

Here for the effective integration of react-native push notifications with your mobile application, there is a provision of library service that literally helps developers in configuring the react-native push notifications simply by consuming & repressing local as well as remote notifications for different types of mobile operating systems. This means you can conveniently start with the development of a new React Native project and further follow the same process by installing the library. 

Now here let’s suppose you have the base of the iOS framework, then here push notification library will allow you to operate with the hand-operated installation instructions. In this procedure, the mobile applications developers can follow the instructions provided at Push Notification IOS which they can easily get from the API accurately maintained by the react-native community.

While on the other hand, the procedure of integration of the React Native Push Notifications with the android mobile application is slightly different here in terms of some necessary changes that the developers are required to make in the relevant files. While adjusting to these relevant changes, the android developers can genuinely hone their native skills as well. 


Intending to make your react native mobile application a huge success, it is absolutely fair enough to rely on the powerful as well as most influential tools. Because only the right tools can help you in achieving your set targets within the quickest possible time ever. And here the tool for which we are talking about is none other than the react-native push notification. So, integrate these significant push notifications with your mobile application and take you to react native mobile app to the next level in terms of mobile users’ engagements. 


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