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We are an online food magazine that publishes articles on food recipes, nutrition, wine, cookbooks, etc. Are you looking for freelance writing opportunities in the field of culinary arts? If so then please read on!

We are into writing content and publishing stories related to healthy gourmet recipes. Send us your article and an SEO-optimized bio for consideration or email us. Guest posts are also welcome at our site! We publish articles about food nutrition and cooking tips through guest posts as well as our own original content based on all things related to organic ingredients and revolutionary organic meal prep methods that put convenience back into.

Article submission FAQs

What is write for us?

Answer: You can work with writers to publish articles or write guest posts for us. We are always looking for unique, informative pieces to share on our platform.   

We work with writers, content creators, and affiliate marketers who provide well-researched and high-content marketing and relevant information to our audience of over 22 million visitors each month. Our topics range from travel to food, literature, lifestyle, and more! All you need is a passion for the topic that interests you most and an article idea ready for critique!

Where can I write and get paid?

Answer: Guest blog posts can be a great way to get your name out there and teach readers about new topics. To find a guest blog post opportunity, you can use sites like Bloggers Wanted or All Freelance Writing for companies that are looking for articles on these certain subjects. You can also check out content mills which often require you to buy expensive subscriptions in order to access the job listings.

Some organizations will pay writers to publish sponsored posts and other freelance pieces on their website’s blog pages. But again, some of these opportunities also require an upfront payment before work is done or through monthly sponsored post fees paid by the use.

Why We Pay Writers for Guest Posts?

Answer:  We pay writers for guest posts because just like any website, they need fresh content to stay active.

To maintain their standards of quality content, they need contemporary articles about the most recent books and movies, sports recaps without looking too backdated, topic-specific essays that are in-depth enough not to look oversimplified yet informative enough not to make readers’ eyes glaze over with boredom … its exhausting work. 

Where should you send your pitch?

Answer: If you are interested in guest posting on this blog, please get in touch at our email.

The culinary world is booming with food blogs! But, what is a food blog? They can be anything from how-to videos to personal recipes to reviews about the newest bistro or restaurant. Whatever your passion is – there’s a niche for everyone.

Whom do we allow to publish?

Answer: Food blog writers and professional writers. We accept guest posts and we’ll do a cross-promotion if we like it.

We’re looking for great stories that cause people to think, rethink their relationship with food, or eat more wholesome foods. As such, we need submissions from food bloggers who specialize in sharing free recipes with health-conscious readers, as well as health professionals. At the same time, we’re not advertising anything so you can’t promote your product or services.

Why is guest posting important for your business?

Answer: Guest posting is an excellent way of reaching an audience of potential customers or followers for your business. It’s also a great way to get your content in front of credible new sources who serve relevant audiences.

When you sponsor great content, it puts you in the position of being someone worthy of sponsoring others’ work too.

Create a fantastic post that will generate interest for readers by telling stories, not facts – but facts are okay nevertheless!

Guest posters are usually people with something valuable to share about their expertise – their experience, insights, and/or perspectives on different topics within their industries. Guest posters are typically qualified experts in fields related to the topic(s).

Who Can Submit An Article?

Answer: Food blog writers and individual authors who would like to write for us, and press releases. We are also looking for writers with some experience who want to do guest articles since experienced writers make great and amazing content.

We like writing about topics of interest to readers of all levels, whether it be beginners or experts in the field. For guest posts especially, if you’re interested please get in touch and tell us your rates! We might not be able to pay much (especially at the beginning), but the exposure would be great for both parties.

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

Answer: We publish articles about food, recipes, and more on a blog. If you have some culinary skills or related experience, submit them via guest post at the end of your answer. We publish food-related original articles, including recipes, nutrition posts, restaurant reviews.

Articles include guest posts about traveling to Morocco for couscous or the green apple’s history of demonstrating healthy living (those offer a nice mix of facts and fiction); reviews of specific restaurants; or blog posts offering practical advice on cooking spaghetti squash the night before you start your morning shift.

Who Are We Publishing For?

Answer: For our readers. It’s about exploration–exploring the ways in which people are using food to do good, be healthy, and drive change in their communities.

We’ll always bring you the scoop on new ingredients although we’re most interested in rigorous reporting on how it can make a real difference both for individual lives and larger systems of inequality.

What you should follow while ”write for us”?

Answer: You should follow the guidelines listed here.

 The only contributors we consider for guest blog posts are professional writers who demonstrate expert knowledge on a topic.

All the Guidelines for Writing Your Guest Post

1)  Submit a relevant title, complete with tags and keywords.

 2) Provide an abstract of your guest post, including what your complete article will cover and its central argument (2-3 sentences).

 3) Write at least 50 words about why you would be an ideal contributor to write for us.

4) Our editors prefer submissions only if you meet the above-given criteria.

5)Tell your readers who they’re reading! So please include your URL and social media info under author info when you submit something for publication.

Thank you!